[SAP-FI] Scenario 1 Vendor Master Creation & Maintenance

1. Overview of the Scenario

The scenario describes the Master Data process for creation & maintenance of Vendor Master.

Vendor master records are used by both the Accounting component and the Purchasing component.

This process is used to create and maintain Vendor master records. This includes:

  • Creating a new Vendor master record
  • Adding or maintaining the bank details for a Vendor master record
  • Changing Vendor master record details
  • Blocking or unblocking a Vendor master record from purchasing or posting
  • Marking a Vendor master record for deletion.



Vendor master records contain purchasing and payment information. This includes:

  • Name and address details
  • Street and postal address details
  • Contact details (e.g. phone, fax and email)
  • Tax information
  • Reference data
  • Bank details
  • Accounting information
  • Payment information
  • Correspondence information
  • Terms of payment
  • Material information (e.g. purchasing group).

Below are the Vendor Account Group and the usage in ABC CORP Singapore.

GroupVendor Account Group NameUsage
0007PlantsInter-company purchasing based on the warehouse location for Stock Transfer Orders
CONTContractorsExternal contractors who are employee to the organise
CPDOne-time VendorOne off purchasing using one time vendor
EMPYEmployeeABC CORP employees
ICOLIntercompany Vendor (local)ABC CORP companies in Australia
ICOOIntercompany Vendor (overseas)ABC CORP companies outside of Australia
KREDDomestic VendorExternal vendors in Australia
KREFForeign VendorExternal vendors outside of Australia
PPAYFixed Expenses Periodic PaymentsFixed Expenses

 Exceptions to the duplicate Vendor invoice check are maintained in the following sets:

Z_AMEX_VENDOR_ABC                ABC Amex  Vendor 

Z_AMEX_VENDOR_FNZ                FNZ Amex Vendor

Vendor Master Update for Paperles A/P

During the nightly cyclic processing on daily basis, this process is used to extract SAP Vendor Master buyer, supplier info and bank details to generate the following 3 XML files to output on SAP Server/temp/directory.

In the next step via a SAP batch run, these files are then moved to the OrgPlus (UNIX FTP Server) folder.

Finally, batch run via the FTP utility program these files are interfaced to Readsoft for updates for a paperless A/P process.

2. JSOX Requirement

This section is for future use. It is not necessary to complete this section at this time as any JSox requirements associated with this business process are not being changed and therefore not being documented.

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