SAP Business One Project Management for Professional Services

Are you a decision manager of a midsize professional services company and wish for a better transparency and a simplified information retrieval? Do you need an IT system that supports your entire business processes? Would you like to increase the efficiency of projects and automate or accelerate internal workflows?


Then many reasons speak for project management for professional services based on SAP Business One:

  • Project Management: caters for the entire workflow of small and midsize professional services companies: from sales, purchasing, accounting and financials to service and project management
  • Business Partner Master Data: Information on business partners is stored only once in the system and is available to all employees. Many master data are used automatically, for example in documents
  • Project Calculation: Project Management helps you calculating and creating project budgets. You can also compare real costs with budgets at any time
  • Project Management: The solution enables an effective planning of resources and resource pools with display of the available capacity and allows tracking the resource costs and the used resources
  • Service and Travel Expenses Entry: Project-related working hours and travel expenses can be captured in the system via the Internet or per smartphone
  • Project Controlling: Up-to-the-minute project analyses, such as degree of completion, break-even analysis or KPI are available at the touch of a button and are partially prepared even graphically as a dashboard
  • Accounting: Recorded and approved services and travel expenses are invoiced and posted directly by the accounting department through a billing wizard
  • Mobility: The Web Client and Mobile Client enable you to access data irrespective of location and time
  • Maintenance/Service: The system includes a Support Desk that allows recording maintenance cases. The handling in the Support Desk is documented both by the customer and the employees of the service team

Transparent Calculation

When planning projects, project management for professional services calculates automatically in the background the costs of the individual resources (employee’s hours and items). This eases the quotation costing and allows you to quickly recognize whether your planning is within the budget and thus whether the project is profitable.

Simple Resource Planning

Project management for professional services enables different forms of planning. You can, for example, plan resources in the Gantt chart with the drag & drop function. The display of the available capacity visualizes whether a resource is available at the requested time.

Project-Related Service Entry

The project team members capture their project times in hours or by specifying the exact start and end time. If they have neither online nor offline access to the standard system, also employees in the back office can record hours for these colleagues. Material costs that incurred for a project are assigned to the particular project by the project manager. The current project status, completed work packages as well as the subjective degree of completion are documented in the system by the project team members. This means all project team members have always access to up-to-date information and the project manager can update his planning according to the needs.

Project-Related Travel Expenses Entry

The project team members can also capture project-related travel expenses and account for the expenses internally. The entry is very easy because the system includes already the allowances according to German law.

Approval of Hours, Items or Travel Expenses

The project manager can decide which of the recorded services, items or travel expenses are approved for billing to the customer.

Automated Project Accounting

After data approval a billing wizard assists the accountant in invoicing and posting. Project management for professional services provides many different accounting types, e.g. accounting at due date, recurrent accounting, and accounting by milestones, at cost or at fixed price. The data is transferred to the financial accounting at the push of a button and the system generates an open item for the customer. After the data has been checked by the accounting department, the travel expenses are paid to the employees with the next payment run.

Cost Transparency at the Push of a Button

The data on current or planned projects, such as planned and real costs and resources, is available at any time. Project management for professional services provides freely configurable reports in the requested layout at the push of a button, including degree of completion, break-even analysis, project totals, employee’s hours, comparison of target and actual hours, remaining volume and much more. Some reports, like KPI are prepared graphically and are displayed as a dashboard.

Mobile Client: data access

Independent of location and time you have mobile access to all master data or you can access the data via Internet or smartphone. Many function are available in the Web Client, some of these functions are already accessible in the Mobile Client, such as time sheet entry, document view, vacation approval and support ticket handling.

Maintenance with the Support Desk

You can manage requests to customer products with the Support Desk. Your customers can record, prioritize and comment the requests online and both your employees and the customer are able to document the working steps. Service level agreements (SLA) enable you to define also reaction and solution times relating to the project. The employees capture their working times for the services which after the approval are invoiced per request or based on the handling time.

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