7 Reasons Why Clinic Management Software Is Must For Clinics

Gone are the days when keeping patients’ records and maintaining appointment schedules was a herculean task at the clinics and hospitals involving various administrative and functional inefficiencies. The medical industry in India has welcomed Clinic Management Systems with open arms. The advanced software technology has transformed the way the health industry worked some years back.

Clinic management systems offer innumerable services with their innovative and wide features. Competent software can keep the entire patient record ranging from address, gender, age, drug sensitivity to various other records like lungs chart, heart chart, weight and height charts, and so on and so forth. It prints out prescriptions, patient records, billings, diagnostic reports and other certificates. It maintains accounting system, appointment schedules and also stock of medicines.

7-Benifits-of-Clinic management Systems

Let us have a look at the numerous benefits associated with Clinic Management Systems:

  1. Paperless record system: To begin with, the electronic health records give the clinics and hospitals an opportunity to get rid of papers and documents which are not only difficult to store and maintain but are also prone to wear and tear.
  2. Easier and quicker access to the patient’s records and other data: With such advanced software, clinics can keep a systematic record of patient’s history with medical prescriptions, previous medical treatment received etc. When needed, the doctor can have a glance at the entire history of the patient at the click of a button.
  3. Co-ordination between various departments: With an integrated system of maintaining records, such software allow the doctors of various departments to co-ordinate with each other in order to assess a patient’s condition better. Additionally cloud based system like practo, doc-engage, make it increasingly easier to collaborate.
  4. Improved efficiency: Clinic Management Systems improve the general efficiency of the organization by automating the entire system. The software helps in printing out prescriptions, patient records, and billings. It maintains accounts and inventory. It schedules appointments and sends reminders. As such the operating cost of the clinic is minimized and the productivity of the staff is improved.
  5. Patient satisfaction: The patients can schedule and confirm appointments through their mobile phone or computers. They are now sure that their sensitive medical data are safe at the clinics. With faster billing and printing of prescriptions, the waiting time at the clinics is also reduced. The patients now receive hassle free treatments at the automated medical centres. The patients also do not have to worry about storing their prescriptions as they know that their data is stored at the doctor’s clinic.
  6. Accuracy: Electronic health records are error free. It does away with the chances of wrong treatment due to wrong diagnosis. Also printed prescriptions are easy to read and chances of getting wrong medicines due to illegible handwriting of the doctors are reduced.
  7. Speedy service: Clinic management systems save time of writing prescriptions, calculating and making bills, filing and hunting for patient records and also maintaining appointment schedules. As such, the doctors can pay more attention to the patients and give them speedy and better service.


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