The Processes of Quality Management In Dynamics 365 for Discrete Manufacturing

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Quality management functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help you manage turnaround times when dealing with nonconforming products, regardless of their point of origin. By linking diagnostic results to correction tasks, the system can schedule tasks to correct problems and therefore help prevent recurrences in the future.

Adam Johnson

Adam has over 18+ years of business and consulting experience and has led and managed various aspects of Dynamics AX/365 implementations for clients including discovery, user training, system design and setup, testing, data conversion, and go-live and post go-live support. he has helped clients improve processes with creative and practical solutions. He is master certified in Microsoft Dynamics AX/365


Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides control of the quality management process in the following ways:

  1. Creates a quality order based on trigger points such as at product receipt for inbound operations or at product pick-up for outbound operations.
  2. Documents test results and determines whether the results meet the established test criteria and an acceptable quality level.
  3. Uses document at management for detailed product specifications and user-specific notes as part of reporting in the inspection process.
  4. Maintains a record of nonconforming products and correlates these products with additional nonconformance information to track down the original cause of a problem.
  5. Documents the cost of managing a nonconformance, including the items (such as spare parts), miscellaneous charges, and time sheet hours required to correct the nonconformance.
  6. Schedules and corrects problems by using correction handling linked to quality orders.



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