The Processes of General Ledger In Dynamics 365 Discrete Manufacturing

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A general ledger is a formal ledger that contains a company’s accounting records. To make the General ledger functional, setup the chart of accounts, fiscal calendars, legal entities, and currencies. The chart of accounts is a list of main accounts and financial dimensions that are allowed by one or more account structures.

Adam Johnson

Adam has over 18+ years of business and consulting experience and has led and managed various aspects of Dynamics AX/365 implementations for clients including discovery, user training, system design and setup, testing, data conversion, and go-live and post go-live support. he has helped clients improve processes with creative and practical solutions. He is master certified in Microsoft Dynamics AX/365

This book focuses on how Dynamics 365 supports Sales Process in discrete manufacturing businesses. It provides an overview of the essential business processes and capabilities, and presents a linear sequence of topics that build on each other. It covers the embedded conceptual models that ultimately shape your vocabulary for describing system usage. The targeted reader consists of Sales professionals that need to initially learn Dynamics 365.

Joanne Smith


Fiscal calendars specify what time period financial data is posted, while currency setup determines which currencies are available for business transactions.The objectives General Ledger In Dynamics 365 Discrete Manufacturing are:

  1. Create General Ledger Journals.
  2. Enter General Ledger Transactions.
  3. Post multiple journals.
  4. Create Approval Journals.
  5. Demonstrate data needed to create an Approval Journal.
  6. Create a Voucher Template.
  7. Create and Retrieve Periodic Journals.
  8. General Ledger Transaction Reversal.
  9. Create General Ledger Reversing Entries.
  10. Inquire and Report on Daily Journal Transactions.

Users can post transactions to the following accounts by using a general journal:

General ledger
Fixed assets



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