The Processes of Financial Management In Dynamics 365 For Advertising Industry

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Advertising company need to maintain tight internal cost control and a comprehensive audit trail both for finance and for client audits. This solution enables you to manage retainer agreements as well as billing fixed price based on budget (either as a percentage or specific lines)

Adam Johnson

Adam has over 18+ years of business and consulting experience and has led and managed various aspects of Dynamics AX/365 implementations for clients including discovery, user training, system design and setup, testing, data conversion, and go-live and post go-live support. he has helped clients improve processes with creative and practical solutions. He is master certified in Microsoft Dynamics AX/365


To drive profitability and help you reduce the time that the working capital is tied up, we can enable you to minimize the time lag between when a billable hour of work is completed and when it is invoiced to the client. With our solution, you can:
• Eliminate duplication of data entry and manual reconciliation
• Reduce errors in supplier invoice processing, and eliminate time consuming, manual sign-off processes
• Select between several invoicing principles: Invoice on account, Invoice on time and materials basis (with or without a cap), Invoice fixed price based on budget (either as a percentage or specific lines. In the second book of serial ” The Dynamics 365 solution for Advertising Industry ” This book will focus on Financial management. Financial Management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 can give you deeper insight into your financial status and cash flow whenever you need it. You can analyze your liquidity with cash flow forecasts and optimize the way your company manages foreign currencies. With Bank Management in Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can reconcile your accounts, set up custom format paper checks and monitor and report deposits, payments, and balances on bank accounts. The Content:
0.0 Overview
1.0 Advance Bill/ Prebill Process
2.0 Cost Consumption Billing
3.0 Fee/Retainer Billing
4.0 Match Costs / Prebills / Reconciliation Billing
5.0 Media Billing
6.0 Invoice Proposal Approval
7.0 Dispatch Client Invoices
8.0 Vendor account setup/update
9.0 Vendor Invoice Processing
10.0 Media Vendor Invoice Processing
11.0 Pay When Paid Process (PWP)
12.0 Vendor Payments
13.0 Employee Expense Process
14.0 Monitor Customer Invoice Aging
15.0 Customer Payment / Invoice Settlement
16.0 Customer Balance Reconciliation
17.0 Payroll Management
18.0 General Ledger Journals
19.0 Bank Transactions
20.0 Bank Account Reconciliation
21.0 Fixed Assets Setup
22.0 Fixed Assets Transactions
23.0 Cost and Revenue Recognition
24.0 Year End Close
25.0 Financial Budgets
26.0 Financial Reporting
27.0 Ledger Reconciliation
28.0 WIP Monitoring and Reconciliation
0. Overview
1.0 Manage Retainer Services
2.0 Manage Receivables
3.0 Client Profitability Analysis



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