Benefits of our Implement application frameworks

Quality & efficiency

Improve the quality & efficiency of your project implement by leveraging solutions, business process & consulting toolkits created by our experts.

Save cost

It is expensive to create all our Process & Consulting Toolkits. Get them for a fraction of this cost.

Hiring Experts

It’s like hiring Experts Consultants to create all the practical Frameworks, Bussines process, Tools & Templates required to create a competitive advantage.


Get the job done quicker with our ``Know-how`` and never start from scratch again with ready-made Process, Frameworks, Tools & Templates in Powerpoint, Words & Excel.

Save Time

We have worked 10,000+ hours over the past 5 years to create the world’s best Business Process, & Consulting Toolkits. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Download now.

Skills & Capabilities

Improve your skills & capabilities and meet your professional goals by learning how the Fortune 100 and Global Consulting Firms do it.

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Each time i face a new implement application problem, I always go to to see one of their Consultants already created a framework, toolkits approach to solve it. R

Antoine Conte

The Framewoks and Toolkits of Implement ERP is an invaluable resource for me and my ERP Consulting Firm. It would have taken us more than a year to create the same Toolkit on Our own. O

Elise Barha

"Your framework guides help us add structure and clarity to what we're doing and I'm sure improve the output. They also save us a lot of time. Just in opportunity cost of our staff alone, these documents have paid for themselves many times over." I

David John

"ICTROI has been proven to be an invaluable resource for our firm. We have used many of the documents in our client engagements as have found the content to be very thorough and professionally put together. Good to know a resource like this exists." C

Eleanor Catton

It is very simple, why would i start from scratch when I can leverage someone else is work? Thank you for putting together so many frameworks and templates that I can reuse for my client engagements! T

John Colin