The important elements help the successful implement ERP project

According to our experience, ERP system has many key aspects to which Company needs to pay attention so that project is successful:

  • Choosing solution.
  • Choosing suppliers
  • Change Management

1.Choosing Solution (Best practice)

ERP is a system which affects the entire organization so choosing a suitable solution is the most important thing. In order to have suitable solution, we suggest that Companyneeds to consider the following elements:

For Company, choosing a successful solution will be useful implementing processes and new solution. Although in phase 1 solutions do not address all COMPANY’s wishes, they are available, as upgrades. A big bang implementation can be risky as the users have to learn a lot of new things during a very short time. It is always preferable to implement the basic business features and keeping adding on

The important elements help the successful ERP project

2. Choosing Supplier for service and implementation

Understanding deeply SAP’s procedures and psychology of the supplier is the important factor, which helps implement successfully a project. Suppliers who have no experiences in implementation service for that industry end up with a failed project.

3.Change Management

Before applying ERP, Company need standardize business processes. Some of basic principle will help you do this, and it will help your employees/users approach ERP easily.

3.1    Changing business processes and staff’s responsibilities:

  • Business processes are carried out on system. Furthermore, all the modules information (Finance, Material Management …) are recorded in one database so that your business processes need carry out immediately after they happen. Your employees/users need to be trained to achieve fluency in operation on ERP system, as well as they need to be understand clearly about predefined business processes.
  • Business process have to follow the principles of ERP system, it means business processes including online transactions, data entries, approval, closing ledger, modify journal entries. …are carried out in system systematically. These transactions are carried out based on security system which assigns user privileges on every transaction.

3.2    Changing input information:

  • NOT change information directly on completed document posted to GL. In case of incorrect data, you have to modify it depend on principle of system.
  • All the transactions MUST follow the standard processes of ERP modules as Purchasing, Sale Distribution, and Asset …
  • Transactions MUST be record in system at a same period when they are happening. That will avoid allocating at the end of fiscal year as revenue, expense …
  • All the processes should be standardized before applied for your enterprise, so that all subsidiary company carry out business processes in the same way.



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