Quality for ERP Oracle Process Manufacturing


We started with looking at the Manufacturing building blocks in Oracle’s solution. We’ve talked about key functionality in inventory and how it can drive behavior of material in the other blocks. Next we’ll talk about Quality. As the diagram reveals, Quality is also a foundation component.

Quality management is traditionally woven through the entire manufacturing process. From specification design during product development, to sampling, testing and dispositioning product during purchase receipt, production and customer sales. It also, plays a role in planning, costing and analysis. Making sure the time for testing is incorporated in the product availability calculations, product cost and manufacturing performance analysis.

ERP oracle Process Manufacturing Quality FlowTraditionally quality within a Process Manufacturing company is used to capture and leverage detailed characteristics of the material being received, in inventory, processed through WIP and/or shipped to a customer. This slide shows the industry standard process a Process Manufacturing Quality lab will follow. This same process maps back to Oracle Process Manufacturing quality process.

Process Quality Solution

  • Achieve product consistency
  • Enforce proactive quality assurance
  • Streamline quality lab productivity
  • Assure customer and regulatory compliance

Key Functionality

  • Standardized inspection methodologies
  • Stability studies
  • Workflow driven quality management
  • Customer specification matching at order
  • Parent / Child lot traceability
  • Certificate of Conformance and Analysis
  • Quality driven lot usage decisions
  • Expired lot management

Standardized Inspection Methodology

Here are the foundation components of Oracle Process Quality. You will notice it is different than Discrete quality. This is by design, due to process manufactures need to manage their quality process in a different way than discrete manufactures. Process manufactures use quality to help them minimize the variability in their process, so they can produce consistent products using inconsistent/variable materials.

The diagram reflects the process used by process manufactures to manage the quality of their material. Initially they will establish tests, test methods, quality UOMs and the like. These values will be used across products and specification types (customer, supplier, inventory, production). These test will be grouped together as a specification for a specific item at a specific point in the supply chain (receipt, WIP, sales, Inventory). When the supply chain point is reached (a raw material is received, a production batch is processed, etc) for an item with an associated quality specification, a sample is required. Once created results are captured against the sample and based on the results for the tests the lot and/or child lot being tested is dispositioned to the appropriate status and/or grade.

As the diagram shows, OPM quality has several supporting workflows to automate the creations and execution processes. You will also notice that ERES (electronic record and electronic signature) events are associated with key points in the process.




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