QAD ERP Solutions Overview


1.      QAD Enterprise Applications Overview

QAD Enterprise Applications is a complete suite of software designed to support all of the key processes of global manufacturers. The software is in use at over 5,500 sites worldwide. QAD Enterprise Applications enables measurement and control of all key business processes, and embraces best practices to support companies, whether in a single plant or across an entire global organization.  QAD is helping companies achieve this vision by delivering solutions that improve business process efficiency, deployment technologies that make applications simpler to support and more rapid and effective to use and learn and implementation methods that simplify and reduce risk and effort.

QAD ERP Processs

Industrial solutions :

  • Electronics and Discrete Products.
  • Configured Products
  • Consumer Products
  • Food and Beverage
  • Automotive
  • Life Sciences

2.      The Module of QAD ERP


Product Data Management

Product Data Management adds value to your manufacturing operations by fully integration all the important and necessary details for managing your products. This helps keep productdevelopment programs on track to deliver management objectives on time, drive innovation and maximize profits and efficiency. It supports the management of complete product structures, formula process definitions, product costs, and product change orders. Product design and engineering changes are quickly integrated into the system, allowing for rapid response to customer demands. It helps you ensure complete regulatory compliance the lowest obsolescence cost. The Product Data Management core consists of the following functions:

  • Product Structures
  • Routings / Work centers
  • Formula / Process
  • Configured Products
  • Cost Management
  • Product Change Control

Manufacturing Planning

Manufacturing Planning adds value by significantly increasing your flexibility and versatility in planning all your manufacturing operations. QAD Enterprise Applications planning functions are built on standard APICS model for MRPII, support forecast planning from Sales and Operations down to the plant level. Our solution converts external and internal demand into manufacturing procurement and resource plans. QAD’s Manufacturing Planning improves decision making, resource deployment, forecast and demand planning. Components of

Manufacturing Planning include:

  • Forecasting
  • Master Scheduling
  • Materials Requirements Planning
  • Resource Planning
  • Capacity Requirements Planning
  • Product Line Planning

Manufacturing Execution

Manufacturing Execution fully manages mixed-mode manufacturing environments with a set of integrated modules that control all activities on the production floor, from identifying missing parts to reporting labor. This core functionality provides for visualization capabilities into your manufacturing with full Kanban support. This rich functionality supports Lean principles for rate based manufacturing and provides lot/serial traceability throughout. Immediate feedback is provided on status, shortages, quality problems or other issues critical to production performance. It includes:

  • Inventory Control
  • Physical Inventory
  • Work Orders
  • Repetitive
  • Quality

2.2.Sale and Purchasing

Sales Quotations

Sales Quotations supports the generation of multi-line sales quotations utilizing advanced pricing capabilities (promotional pricing, temporary price reductions, customer price lists etc) and supporting complex and high volume environments.

  • Allows the user to create responses to customer requests for quotes (RFQs), and maintain historical information on sales quotations to customers.
  • Create sales orders by releasing Sales Quotes to Sales Orders/Invoices
  • Item up-sell, cross-sell and item replacement: identify similar or replacement items for discontinued items, items that are not available and additional complementary items
  • Enables win/loss analysis

Sales Orders

Sales Orders and Invoicing provide a variety of methods for order creation, credit verification, confirming orders, inventory allocation, picking and shipping products, processing invoices and handling returns.

  • Sales Orders can be created from Sales Quotes, received electronically using EDI or entered manually
  • Integrates with Pricing to accommodate a wide range of pricing situations, allowing for best pricing
  • Automatically transfers posted invoices to Accounts Receivable for aging, payment maintenance, and integration with General Ledger
  • Correction Invoices; create a correction sales invoice for an original invoice, keep track of the relationship between original and correction invoices, and print correction invoices that show original amounts, corrected amounts, and the difference

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