Production Process Management in Knitting Factory SAP ERP


This document include: Production planning process,Production Scheduling, Knitting manufacturing process,Outsourcing management process, Equipment management process.

A. Production planning process

1. Assess manufacturing capability
Access the manufacturing capability of machine, technology, machine working last year
2. Demand Evaluation
Assess customer orders filled last year to forecast kinds of products which are demanded in the market
3. Master production planning
Knitting Factories give out production forecast based on machine’s capability and estimation of high demanded products
Knitting Factories evaluate demand according to kinds of yarn produced, thus it is impossible to set up material purchase planning.
There are no specific kinds of grey fabric identified in the production planning, therefore, material purchase planning is only created after orders are placed
Annual production target is broken down into monthly production target based on working days of each month.

Knitting_Production Planning Process in SAP ERP
4. Criteria
• Satisfy unexpected demand
• Make best use of machine, equipments
• Knitting production planning must be matched with production planning of Dyeing Factor

B.Production Scheduling

Production Scheduling Process in SAP ERP
1. Dispatch work order
After work orders are issued from Dyeing factory, “Knitting production preparation worksheet’ and “Yarn usage proposition” are determined. Work orders are dispatched according to yarn requirements and yarn usage
2. Arrange machine
• Arrange production shift
• Receive material
• Depend on kinds of products and production progress, Workshop foreman sets up Gantt chart to indicate which machines are used and keep track of order’s progress
3. Expedite production
Production shifts put “yarn package” on creel to weave
4. Monitor production progress
Production progress is monitored based on “Temporary statistics of efficiency”. Efficiency (productivity) of each shift, each machine is recorded daily, sorted by production orders and then summarized by production staff. Production staff uses this number to compare the actual production progress with planned production progress and then make suitable adjustment, if necessary.
5. Check quality
Quality Control staff checks and grades the quality level of grey fabric. Kinds of defected points and the number of defected points are recorded for each fabric roll.
6. Deliver grey fabric
After grading the quality level, grey fabric is delivered to the warehouse of Weaving factory, then delivered to Knitting division.
7. Criteria
• Production schedule matched with machine/equipment’s conditions. Ensure customer orders to be filled on time.
• Be able to keep track and control machine’s usage status, assign jobs and monitor production progress appropriately to ensure customer orders to be filled on time.

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