Production Process Management Dyeing Factory in ERP SAP (AFS)


This document include:Production planning process,Production supervision process – Exported orders,Production Scheduling – Domestic orders,Technical Proposition Establishment Process,Testing samples process,Dyeing Process,Outsourcing process

  1. Receive production order

Production order needs to be reviewed and approved by Director of Knitting and Dyeing Division

  1. Make order checking form

Staffs that are in charge of export customers based on the production order will make the order checking form. This form is then sent to Head of Planning dept. for checking, to Technical Dept. to provide the production techniques. It also has notes of the production process and sent to Factory director to approve for production.

Production suppervision process - export order in SAP ERP

  1. Make production plan

Responsible staff based on color requirement of the customer will make the production plan and send to Laboratory office. This office will provide the color specifications (according to timing on the production strategy). Technical dept. also provides the production techniques to the production plan. This strategy is then sent to Factory director for approval.

  1. Implement the production plan

After Factory Director has approved the order checking form and production strategy, in charge staff will arrange this order into the Gantt chart to follow-up its progress an assist to receiving production orders. After that staff will deliver the production plan to the workshop for production.

  1. Follow-up production and progress

After the production strategy has been expedited, the follow-up staff will look after the progress of the production and make relevant periodical reports which include:

  • Order initiation report
  • Order halfway progress report
  • Order finishing report
  1. Make daily urgent report

Order follow-up staff needs to check the daily progress of the order at the workshop and Quality Control dept. Production orders which are near the deadline must be reported before 12h every day and notification is simultaneously sent to other departments. Besides if needed, follow-up staff must create alert message to delay the delivery 2 days before the delivery date.

  1. Finalize orders

After production of an order is finished, the follow-up staff based on the progress report will finalize this order 24 hours after the packaging time and send to the Quality Control dept for other information of physical specifications and errors.

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