Production Execution with MES for Oracle Process Manufacturing


 Production Execution with MES (Manufacturing Execution System) will cover many Oracle differentiators and strengths. It is important to note MES for Process is not part of the core e-business manufacturing suite, meaning there is an additional charge to license it’s functionality.

Manufacturing Building Blocks

The supply chain flow follows the release of a recipe for general use.  Typically planning is run, which will make purchasing and production recommendations.  Due to planning and purchasing not be part of the core manufacturing suite, we will be talking about these components in the ‘Process Functions in Other SCM Applications’ section of this course.  The next topic we are going to discuss is Produce (i.e. Production Execution with MES).

Production Execution with MES for Oracle Process Manufacturing

MES Product Complements Process Manufacturing

At a high level this shows the various manufacturing software levels found in a plant.  With ERP (including Production Execution) at the top.  Process controls at the bottom. Usually this software is machine specific and designed to help the equipment work.  In the middle is MES software.  Which helps the process control software communicate with the ERP software.

Starting with r12 Oracle provides both the ERP and MES level software to our customers.  We are the only ERP software vendor able to make this claim.  SAP is handling the MES requirement via a partnership program.  We believe our approach is superior and provides greater benefits to our customers.  This is based on analysis reports and independent studies done based on what manufactures are looking to receive from their software vendors.  Additional information about our approach can be found in our MES datasheet.  The link to this sheet will be provided at the close of this section.

Batch Processing Checks

Due to our Production Execution module being designed and built to model process manufactures needs, our customers can immediately react to production issues, and optimize capacity and ingredient usage.  Ingredients are associated to each operational step and the operation duration is automatically adjusted based on the ingredient quantity in each step.

Step level management allows users to compare planned versus actual, record process parameters, and make iterative real-time adjustments

Key Functionality

  • Modeling complex process flows
  • Rule based recipes
  • Scaling
  • Automated reservations and lot allocations
  • Incremental backflush
  • Integrated comprehensive planning solution

Manufacturing execution system for Process

  • Dispensing / pre-weigh
  • Operators workbench
  • Nonconformance management
  • E-records and e-signatures
  • Computer-aided formulation
  • Least cost formulation

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