Oracle PLM for Process High Level Solution Overview


Oracle PLM for ProcessHigh Level Solution Overview: Managing innovation projects and portfolios,Managing product and supplier data in one single connected…

1.Managing innovation projects and portfolios in one global framework with local flexibility:

  • Inability to meet launch dates
  • Disconnected innovation activities managed by multiple systems
  • Poor collaboration and approval processes
  • No visibility into innovation projects globally
  • Stale project and portfolio measurements
  • Lack of involvement from value chain partners

Oracle PLM solution for Process High Level Solution Overview

2. Managing product and supplier data in one single connected “version of the truth

  • Disconnected data model
  • Incomplete or inaccurate specifications
  • Lack of global visibility and traceability
  • Manual review and approval process
  • Poor capability to re-use and rationalize raw materials
  • Lack of visibility into global sourcing network
  • Poor external collaboration

3. Improving product formulation, packaging, labeling quality, compliance and safety with predictable processes

  • Lack of compliance screening
  • Slow manual (re)formulation and optimization process
  • Isolated packaging and labeling activities
  • Manual packaging and labeling collaboration and approval
  • No visibility and traceability into compliance and quality
  • Disconnected systems storing formulation, compliance, nutrition, quality and safety data

A Need for Change Leading Business Trends:

  • Centralized specifications management
  • Increasing recipe and formulation re-use
  • Portfolio-based product decision-making
  • Greater collaboration with suppliers and customers
  • “Built-in” compliance processes and check points

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