Maximize the value of your ERP Implementation


The development, integration, and implementation for your ERP and CRM systems should be based on industry best practices, Have five-step project implementation methodology, based on PMB:

  1. Analysis: We begin the project with a meeting with your company’s executives to determine the project vision, scope, objectives, key performance indicators, and benefits. During this phase, we gather the relevant documents, set the schedule, determine the deliverables, allocate resources, and assign roles.
  2. Design:  We defines how the business requirements will be implemented or upgraded. Then we configure the overall solution, design the customizations, and complete the technical documents that satisfy the goals discussed in the analysis phase.
  3. Development: The goal of the development phase is to build and test the components according to the approved design specifications, including reports, customizations, integrations, and data migration processes. Testing is completed during this time.
  4. Deployment: We transition the solutions to the end-user. We complete any training, cutover tasks, and troubleshooting needed before the new application goes live.
  5. Operation: The solution goes live, and the team provides post-project support, performs a final quality audit, transitions the solutions to support, and finalizes the project.

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Maximize the value of your ERP Implementation



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