Inventory receipt process in SAP ERP solution for Apparel and Footwear


Receive products: the import, forwarding and services, import and export, logistic department of the divisions send supporting documents: packing list and delivery note together with the products to the warehouse keeper.

  • Forwarding and services department will issue inventory received notes for overseas bought products
  • Import division, logistic department and sales divisions will issue inventory received notes for domestic products.

For inventory received products pending for production, manufacturing divisions will issue inventory received notes and keep track of the target orders and clients.

Products count and store: After products arrive at the warehouse, the warehouse keeper will check the amount/number of inventory received products and perform observation check. If the products are qualified, they will be stored and the amount will be recorded. If the amount/number of products is not sufficient or the products are not qualified, then the warehouse keepers still allow to store these products but report to related division to execute the complain process

goods receiving process in SAP ERP solution for Apparel and Footwear

Manage the warehouse arrangement

The warehouse system is arranged and managed by specific characteristics and features of each warehouse, based on these criteria :

  • Orders
  • Clients
  • Packages, stamps
  • Batches, areas
  • Package code
  • Active features and functions
  • Import date
  • Groups and types
  • Yarn warehouse: products are differentiated by batches, product areas manufactured by the company or purchased from outside. Yarn purchased from outside is usually packed with different packages to differentiate the origins of yarn. Besides, yarn quality of inventory receipt batches is differentiated based on colored glue tapes. Glue tape samples are used to differentiate batches and product quality because fabric products batches may not be consistent if yarn is not from the same batch.
  • Finished fabric warehouse:products are managed by batches, grouped by clients and types of fabric are differentiated by package codes.

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