Inventory for Oracle Process Manufacturing (R12)

  • Satisfy customer demand quickly and accurately: Multi-purposed single item, dual & multiple UOM, auto lot allocation, grade control, divisible lot control
  • Reduce costs with efficient Inventory Management: Dual UOM, shelf life management, grade control, lot level status control, physical and cycle counting, APIs
  • Reduce risk with rapid Lot Genealogy analysis: Parent / child lot tracking and tractability
  • Ensure Regulatory compliance: Audit trail, strong security, ERES, Inventory tied to Regulatory

1.Process Inventory Solution

Inventory for Oracle Process ManufacturingEnables you to:

  • Satisfy customer demand quickly and accurately
  • Reduce costs with efficient Inventory Management
  • Reduce risk with rapid lot genealogy analysis
  • Ensure Regulatory compliance

2.      Key Functionality

  • Multi-purposed single item
  • Dual UOM (unit of measure)
  • Simultaneous multiple UOM
  • Automatic lot level allocation
  • Shelf life management
  • Grade control
  • Lot level status control
  • Divisible lots
  • Parent / Child lot tracking

3.      Inventory Items Are

Any item you want to:

    • Track
    • Sell
    • Buy
    • Cost
    • Plan
    • Use in manufacturing
    • Test
  • Key Concept – Items are entered ONCE used everywhere

4.      Inventory Allocation Rules

  • Allowing the selection of single or multiple lots
  • Matching customer specifications
  • Allowing the partial allocation of a request
  • Order based on:
    • Lot Number
    • Item Revision
    • Subinventory
    • Stock Locator
  • Picking based on:
    • Lot Expiration or Creation date
    • Receipt date

5.      Lot Expiration Management

  • Automatically notify when lots are approaching expiration or require retesting
  • Disallow shipment of expired inventory
  • Control expiration tolerances by customer
  • Manage retesting

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