Implementation Methodology and Organization structure in SAP ERP Project


1.Implementation Methodology

Applying of methodology to handbook of software procedure is included these below steps:

  • Start the project: Define general information about the project to help the planning correctly and logically. Establish the organization of the project, the working procedure and transaction method of 2 sides
  • Analyzing system: analyse the actual state and plans the future procedure
  • Establish system:
  • Establish and configure system, according to the requirements, solutions and design identified system
  • Correct the software product to meet any identified requirement in analytic document, design system and rising requirements during configuration and establishment of the system.
  •  Establish operative system to adapt the unified procedure
  • Test
  • Test all of the software: identify adaptive program, and right with requirements in documents of future business procedure.
  • Customer checks and approves adaptive program, and right with the any requirements in “UAT” Document, future procedure
  • Transfer System:
  •  Manage the switch to implement it, start the system with the best.
  •  Train customer about product, hold well new procedure, use and run well program
  •   Summary solution “manage the business system”
  • Implement and support: Customer runs the system.  Provider  supports on the spot from 1 to 2 months to help the customer run the system effectively .
  • Project Management: Establish and manage to carry out efficiently the implemented projects
  • Support: Our efficient call centre acts as a back up to the customer for clarifying his doubts and queries so that the enterprise run stable and effective

2. Organization structure

Organization structure in SAP ERP Project

To be well prepared for project, we submit functional, tasks with title such as:

Board of project

  • Orient of main target of project
  • Approval the scale of project
  • Approval human resource undertaken project
  • Supervise progress and influent of project
  • To give a timely decision of arise problems.
  • Support Director of project to reached its target.

Joining average time in the project: 1 day/month

Project Director

  • He has a top of authority to give some target and approval the scale of project
  • The orient of transferring products and the important limit of project.
  • To give a decision on time of arising problems out of ability of Project management.
  • To give solutions the conflict of project happening.
  • Undertaken HR for project
  • Supervise progress and influent of project.
  • Support the management of project to reach its target.

Joining average time in the project: 2 sessions/week

Project Management:

  • Defining implementation strategy.
  • Supervise and carry out project plan.
  • Management of team project to get the transferred product on plan.
  • Define and control all target, the scale and transferred product from project.
  • Report the status of project for the Board of project, Sponsor and team project.
  • Sign & approve transferred product, take responsibility of operation solution in the system

Joining average time in the project: 2 days/week

Leader group of MM, FI/CO, SD, PP

  • Give the best suitable solution for working scope which they manage
  • Acquire knowledge of consultant to carry out project’s tasks.
  • Supervise transferred product’s progress which they take responsibility.
  • Consider and terminate solutions in their scope’s module
  • Consider and terminate new system comparing with module scope
  • Assign transaction staff of joining module maximize 3 days/week

Joining average time in the project: 3 days/week, mainly in the consideration and improvement

Groups of transaction consultant

  • Making survey plan & analyzing
  • Working with key user to understand system status
  • Building business blueprint based on SAP standard
  • Present, discuss and acquire idea of key user, group leader of modules through business blueprint.
  • Combine with technical group, test to install, customize SAP to be suitable to new business blueprint
  • Describe system operation (user’s guide)
  • Support problem relating to customer’s requirement

Joining average time in the project: entire working time

Technical group – test

  • Analyze customer’s requirement
  • Install, customize program based on consultant group’s requirement
  • Make plan to test, build standards for system termination.
  • Organize to test
  • Evaluate and analyze test result
  • Review product documents

Joining average time in the project: entire working time

Group of quality supervisors:

  • Test, consider to ensure groups which carry out implemented process and project plan approved
  • Support for quality plan
  • Control process quality
  • Control product quality
  • Control to release/ revise and       document use
  • Control quality profile
  • Define and control damage requirement

Joining average time in the project: 2 sessions/week

Key users – Success

  • Provide the comprehensive information of your business process, template which are used at your company
  • Review new business blueprint
  • Test new system
  • Allow to recruit HR from department joining in the support system within 1 day/week
  • Train for End User

Joining average time in the project: at lease 1 session/day in the relating phrase of project (survey, review business process, test system)



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