Garment production process in SAP ERP solution


This document include: Production planning and scheduling ,Technical specification management, Manufacturing process, Garment production process  ,Machines and spare parts management

1     Production planning and scheduling

  • Sewing Division assigns production plan in the year to factories. The plan is reviewed and adjusted if needed on quarterly basis.
  • Production plan will be broken down to:
  • Plan for each assembly line
  • Production yield by day
  • Production yield by month
  • There are 2 types of production targets: net production yield and converted production yield

(converted production yield = net production yield multiply with (x) conversion factor)

Plan finishing report at the step 6 above is usually compared with planned figures based on the converted production yield.

Production Planning and scheduling for Garment industry

Receiving customer order

  • Receiving customer orders provided by Sales Department or this can be outsourcing order acquired by Garment Division. There are 3 types of customer orders: reserved, recurring or new orders. However most of the customer orders from Domestic Garment Factory are new orders.
  • Quality standard of each customer order is dealt in detail with customers

Exported products are often provided with design by customer and they are often major orders which take a lot of time for initial procedures. Domestic goods are designed by COMPANY and thus the design can be updated and modified by COMPANY.

Customer order approval

  • Director approves a customer order based on the consideration of:
  • Production capacity of each factory
  • Examine current customer order execution progress
  • Negotiate with Customers or Sales Departments in case of missing the deadline or refusing the order.

After customer order has been approved, Garment Division will discuss with Dyeing Division about material supply and delivery progress.

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